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1849699631 by Unknown

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Editing and Quality Assurance

QA setting


Length Verification:

Check for target segments longer than file-specific

limits or a specified number of characters (useful when

translating screen text in localization projects and so on).

QA Checker profiles:

Once configured, your settings can be saved for later

re-use by clicking Export settings. To re-use previously

saved settings, click Import settings. This way, you can

define and use different QA settings for different clients

or projects.

To test the QA Checker out, we will run some checks on the deliberate errors in our sample file. For example, set up the following checks:

1. Under Segments Verification, uncheck the box Check for forgotten and empty translations. Our sample file contains some empty segments, but in this case we do not want them to be reported as errors.

2. Under Inconsistencies, activate the option Check for repeated words in target.

3. Under Punctuation, activate the options Check for multiple spaces and Check for multiple dots and Check for extra space at end of target segment.

Notice that the severity level can be set separately for each option (in order of increasing severity, Note, Warning, or Error, shown together in the following screenshot), so that you can decide for yourself how important each type of reported mistake will be:

Under Word List, click Check word list. For the wrong and correct forms, type DOLLARS and dollars respectively, and then choose Action | Add item to add the check to the list. Change the severity level at the top-right of the Word List window from Warning to Error.

Verifying a file

Once configured, the QA Checker will check each segment as you confirm it (with the exception under Inconsistencies of the option Check for inconsistent translations, which only works when you run a QA check on the entire document).

Potential mistakes are represented by an icon in the segment status column corresponding to the severity level assigned to that category of mistake.

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