A Walk In the Wood by Joseph Parent & Nancy Parent

A Walk In the Wood by Joseph Parent & Nancy Parent

Author:Joseph Parent & Nancy Parent
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Disney Book Group
Published: 2018-07-09T16:00:00+00:00

Piglet proudly announced, “I’m ready now, Pooh, to do some Aimless Wandering and Just Noticing. How do we start?”

“We start at the beginning, which is where we are,” said Pooh. “Sometimes we think about the past and the future, but the earth is always here and now. So, we need to get grounded in our bodies by feeling the earth under us.”

A little beyond Piglet’s front door, Pooh noticed a patch of moss. “Let’s lie down and do some Grounding practice,” suggested Pooh.

Pooh continued, “Just let yourself sink in. Let yourself be as heavy as you can be. Feel like you are part of the earth, and the earth is part of you. Then you’re not very little Piglet on great big Earth. You, Piglet, are as big as the world.”

Then Pooh sat up and said, “Now let’s count each breath—in-and-out one, in-and-out two—for a few minutes, to help us be better at paying attention, and noticing when we’re not.”

Soon, Pooh wanted to try something else. “Now, close your eyes really tight and put your hands over your ears. We’ll each count to three. Then we’ll open our eyes and uncover our ears and pretend that we’ve never seen or heard anything before.”

The two friends counted down together: “Three, two, one, now!” When they looked and listened, the colors were brighter and the sounds were more vivid. How amazing!

When they stood up to start Aimless Wandering, Piglet asked, “Which way shall we go?”

“In Aimless Wandering, we go nowhere in particular, so there isn’t a way we should go. But since there are two of us, and we’d rather not wander too far apart, let’s let our senses guide us,” explained Pooh.

“Should I follow you?” asked Piglet.

“Let’s take turns,” said Pooh. “And when one of us notices something, we can point it out to the other.”

As they started walking, Pooh said, “Look, look!”

Then Piglet said, “Listen, listen!”

And on they went, dancing back and forth as the Wood revealed its natural magic.

When they came to a stream, Pooh started to slosh alongside it. Piglet followed, the cool mud squishing under his feet.

“What fun!” he squealed.

“Indeed!” Pooh agreed.

They followed the stream as its gentle current flowed over, under, and around rocks of different shapes and sizes. A bright yellow leaf tossed and turned as it floated along, flipping over and back again. Sometimes the water swirled in little eddies; other times it ran straight ahead. At one point the stream took a bit of a rest and flowed gently into a deep pool, giving passersby a chance to visit when it wasn’t in such a hurry. Pooh and Piglet sat down on the bank and dangled their feet in the clear, cool water.

After a while they stood up, shook the water off their feet, and started walking again. Piglet noticed a patch of flowers—bushy purple lavender, wild red roses, and springy yellow chamomile. He was captivated by the brilliant colors and walked among them. Pooh followed, and they both leaned closer to smell the blooms.


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