Book 8 The Medic Finds His Home by Bellann Summer

Book 8 The Medic Finds His Home by Bellann Summer

Author:Bellann Summer
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Romance
Published: 2017-09-27T00:00:00+00:00

* * * *

Roman sat back in his chair and tried to keep his temper in check as his team reported a lot of nothing. Almost another week had passed, and they were nowhere near close to finding Reese. It pissed him off that Parker hadn’t shown up for the meeting. The man better be on a hot lead, or Roman would be giving him an earful of his displeasure.

“Do you have anything to report on those Uber passengers?” he asked Morgan. “You should have come up with something by now.”

The pen in Roman’s hand snapped in two. Yeah, he was a bit on edge. He’d even called the detective who had taken the missing persons report he’d filed when they first arrived in town. The call went south after the second time the detective suggested that Reese might have ditched his job and taken off. Roman had explained in no uncertain terms his views of that idea, and the call had ended abruptly.

“I investigated two of the passengers,” Morgan answered. “Turns out one is a lady from Ohio who visited the cemetery to find a great-aunt who was supposed to be an actress in silent movies.”

“And the other?” Roman thought about throwing the broken pieces of pen across the room. They were professionals. This was one of their own. Reese should be home safe at Los Héroes by now.

“The other guy came from Canada,” Morgan responded. “He’s five feet nothing, has black hair, and is of Asian descent.”

“What about the third person?” Roman stood, ready to get the hell out of the hotel room and start tearing the city apart with his bare hands.

“I asked Parker to take a look into that individual,” Morgan answered. “I thought with both of us working on this, we’d be able to find out something faster.”

“Does anyone have an idea where Parker is?” he asked.

“He called a little while ago,” Rhys spoke up. “He said he was on his way.”

Parker burst through the door, waving a sheet of paper. “I found something.”


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