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Bibliography General ALIM: Archivio delta latinità italiana del Medioevo. (Scholarly on-line library of Latin writing from the Italian Middle Ages.) Berschin, Walter. Biographie und Epochenstil im lateinischen Mittelalter, 5 vols. ...
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epub |eng | 2016-08-03 | Author:Alfred L. Ivry [Ivry, Alfred L.]

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50. IV, 4–6 (176–80). Strauss draws in these three paragraphs upon Discourses I, Proemio; II, 2 and III, 1 consecutively, of which he says that they are “the three passages ...
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23 The Grail as a Ghibelline Mystery Here we may briefly consider the meaning that the regality of the Grail and its order had in the system of both visible ...
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The enigmatic character of John Paul Jones (1747-92) founder of the United States Navy is perhaps at least partly explained by his avowed long-term insomnia. The son of a poor ...
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A BETTER WAY A house church leader in Asia once wrote how persecution in his country had stripped his church of its resources. Yet, in his mind, this had been ...
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Gregory contrasts sacrifice and pity, and puts the care of Joseph and Nicodemus to bury Jesus in the category of sacrifice. Therefore, for him they are not at all models ...
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FURTHER BIBLE STUDY The virgin birth: Matthew 1:1-25 Luke 1:26-56 QUESTIONS FOR THOUGHT AND DISCUSSION What do the miracles associated with Christ’s earthly entry and exit show us about him? ...
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23 Fighting Abortion with Adoption THE CHILDREN'S CENTERS RUN BY the Missionaries of Charity take in unwanted children and match them with adoptive parents. Mother Teresa said they fought abortion ...
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All the different activities in our hectic lives can be consuming. You need to make a conscious effort to take control. It requires reevaluating your responsibilities and priorities. Once you ...
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Spiritual Codependency It can be normal for energetically sensitive souls to linger in outdated relationships in an attempt to help others process the pain of loss. No matter how attached ...
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Dense Thick Flowing Breathless Fluttery Nervous Queasy Expanded Floating Heavy Tingly Electric Fluid Numb Wooden Dizzy Full Congested Spacey Trembly Twitchy Tight Hot Bubbly Achy Wobbly Calm Suffocating Buzzy Energized ...
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“Stopping your internal dialogue” and “inner silence” are common terms and phrases in yoga, meditation, and magick. They are indeed worthy goals. However, there can be too much pressure put ...
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epub |eng | 2013-09-25 | Author:Kopp, Sheldon [Kopp, Sheldon]

July 15 FRUSTRATION, PAIN, and disappointment are part of the nature of life, but it is neither natural nor necessary to elevate the universal, everyday bits of unhappiness to the ...
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