Brain on Fire by Corley JoAnn

Brain on Fire by Corley JoAnn

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Important Tip: Have an idea file. When you get one, put it in there. Don’t edit or judge. See it as valuable even if it’s not relevant at the moment.

Respecting your ideas is a way of respecting yourself, your gifts and talents. Essential Saturation Comrades

It’s at this point in my workshops that I stop to highlight two important aspects of the saturation stage:

1. Generating volumes of ideas

2. Getting intentional outcomes

Those aspects have 2 critical comrades -- the words HOW and LOTS. I can’t emphasize enough that the power of the ideation process is for the purpose of initially and continually generating LOTS of ideas as well as a "key spark.” Its not about getting just “an idea” or solving “a problem.” Though ultimately that will happen. If you start from that alone, you will constrict the process and limit the better outcomes. Again, this is the place to amplify the process to excavate the most ideas possible.

Here’s an example. In our last section we’ll be talking about tools for generating ideas. Two exercises attendees of my workshop experience are mind dumping and mind mapping. We do both with very random elements.

After those two activities are complete, I ask them to create something practical from the results; for example a welcome party for a new team member or and marketing campaign for a new product.

The outcomes from that experience are amazing, hilarious and very surprising! Attendees are amazed at what they developed from random sets of words, phrases and concepts without ever having the end in mind.

This is not to say this is the only way it should be done. I’m suggesting that this is a method rarely used or considered and from which amazing results can be achieved. It is truly a way of expanding options. It’s probable that in this case having the end in mind, would limit the creative, random possibilities because the left brain would be activated to edit in the spirit of it “needing to fit.”

Having the end in mind for a more experienced “ideator” is an effective approach. The experienced ideator has been trained to not limit or constrict the process. They recognize when process perils can occur and have learned how to effectively manage them.

Special note: (I know I’m repeating myself here.) Though our goal is to generate lots of ideas and options, as with anything this is not absolute. This doesn’t mean the first or second idea would not be the best one to go with or test. Here is where instinct, intuition and belief come in. Your gut can say, “This is the one,” and it might well be the one! And this is the glory of creativity and what makes it so much fun! There is not one fixed rule for everything; there is great variety in approaches and tools to achieve the desired outcome(s).

The purpose of lots of ideas is to help those new to the creative process learn how to cultivate and expand their capacity to think. Generating a few ideas could be nothing more than lazy thinking – consider Martin Luther Jr.


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