Endangered by Unknown

Endangered by Unknown

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Chapter Twelve

Joséf stared out the window. There was the quiet breeze outside. The trees were greener, always seemed livelier during those fall months. Leaves, starting to turn colors would soon blanket the ground outside the mansion. Up on the second story, two flights up from the ground and although the light hurt his eyes at first, he embraced it the way a wolf would bask in the sun after a successful hunt.

Something inside of him had changed. He felt more predatory than before. An exuberance for movement seemed to rush through his body in the same way that the heroin based drug did, giving him a different high, almost as if he were immortal. He felt like he could conquer anything, nothing could destroy him, and he had the guts to take on anyone who would attempt to disprove him.

Joséf stretched out his limbs and quickly realized that Livía was right, he needed food. He glanced at the phone, half expecting it to ring. It didn’t. He took a step towards the phone, but decided that looking out the window was better.

He opened the large wooden shutters, revealing two large windows, latched down the center. He unlatched the windows.

With a quick push, he opened the large windows and stepped forward, leaning over the windowsill. A glance down told him that he wouldn’t make it out of the room without breaking a bone here or there, which would slow him down. The storm pipes were too far away for him to reach, and again he’d probably break something, as well as alert anyone who might be awake.

As if there were more than the four of them here, he thought. Were there? The room was repaired and restored to its former state of cleanliness before I’d even returned last night. The sheets had been changed along with the shower curtain and my bottle of vodka. Were there invisible residents here?

“Not quite.” Livía appeared before him, reading his thoughts.

“Then what?”

“Pixies.” She said it casually, as if talking to Isabella or another vampire.

“What?” He paused. “I mean I know about the undead and a little bit about werewolves in California, but pixies?”

“Yes, Farkas. Pixies. They are quite efficient and work for very little pay.”

“All right.”

“Ask me anything and we will try to teach you, my farkas. ”

Her smile truly beautified the room, adding life to it. To him.

Joséf opened his mouth about to speak, but a knock on the door startled him.

“Come,” Livía said, and walked over to the bed with his hand in hers.

The door opened and a tray of food was left sitting at the door. “What are you waiting for? Bring the food in,” Livía commanded.

Tiny flashes of light flickered. Joséf could hear all the various laughter amongst the many pixies pushing the cart inside.

“Pixies for this work?”

“Marianne is no longer mine. It seems you’ve freed her from her bonds with us, Farkas. ” She sounded a bit annoyed.

“So you sent her away? She was your best help and she—”

“Do not be so protective over her.


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