Everything You Want to Know About Magick by Shawn Martin Scanlon

Everything You Want to Know About Magick by Shawn Martin Scanlon

Author:Shawn Martin Scanlon
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: magick, occult, occult studies, magician, rituals, esoteric, powerful rituals of magick, true meditation, magickal ethics, astral projection, tools of magick, evocation of spirits, pathworking, talismans and amulets, secrets of visualization, alchemy, psychic self-defense, healing rituals
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“Stopping your internal dialogue” and “inner silence” are common terms and phrases in yoga, meditation, and magick. They are indeed worthy goals. However, there can be too much pressure put on new students to reach pure silence.

You don’t need to perfectly silence your ego-mind. Practicing the meditations in this book will give a sense of quietude and peace, but your inner dialogue never has to shut off completely.

You don’t have to do anything “perfectly” to be a success in magick or in life. To the Fool, every mistake is just one more chance to do something differently or to create something new. Use your imagination every time something “goes wrong” and the word “mistake” can vanish from your vocabulary.

If the Pure Fool state of pure being

is so great, why do we need an ego-mind at all?

Maybe we don’t anymore.

At some point in our evolution, humans felt the need to do certain things to distinguish ourselves from the animals. Manners, etiquette, ritual, art, etc., are all developed out of a need to differentiate ourselves from the animal world. Maybe our ego-mind was developed as a way of keeping our newly developed “self-awareness” from dying out, and reverting back to more beast than man.

Maybe we will evolve past our current ego-mind into something less dysfunctional. I certainly would like to attain that state. Until then it’s good enough to be the Fool whenever the spirit takes you.

Is my True Self in Tiphareth or in Kether?

Technically, Kether is our True Self in ineffable form, but it is in Tiphareth where we experience the True Self in a more tangible way. Kether meets us halfway in Tiphareth, as it were.

Tiphareth is almost too bright to gaze upon, so bright is it with the miracle of beauty. Kether is even more mind-blowing.

You may consider Tiphareth and Kether as two different levels of enlightenment, i.e., experiences of your higher self. In Kether our identity is destroyed completely, whereas in Tiphareth there is a simultaneous balance between oneness and a separate sense of identity.

On Meaning

Nothing has any intrinsic meaning. Meaning is applied by each and every one of us subjectively. When someone sees a “black cat,” for example, we all may be able to agree it’s a black cat—but beyond the term “black cat” it is not the same black cat to everyone. Your personality, your previous experiences with other cats, and black cats in particular, will color your internal image of what a black cat is.

Since there is no objective reality, we have incredible freedom in defining what happens to us in life. What any incident means, and what we do with it is entirely open for us to decide.

Have you ever met a person who is always complaining, who always sees the worst in any situation? This type of person is coloring everything that happens to them with pain and discomfort, so they end up creating more of the same. The opposite is true for an optimist. No matter what chaos or hardship besets them,


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