Living the Life That You Are by Nic Higham

Living the Life That You Are by Nic Higham

Author:Nic Higham
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Published: 2018-05-16T15:08:52+00:00

Chapter 9

The Third SEER Quality: Earnest Questioning****

The real is gained by Wisdom, not by a myriad of rites. When one steadily examines and clearly sees a rope, the fear that it is a serpent is destroyed. Knowledge is gained by discernment, by examining, by instruction, but not by bathing, nor gifts, nor a hundred holdings of the breath.

—­Adi Shankara, Vivekachudamani v12

We desire meaning and fear disorder. We want to live in an orderly world that we can understand. We want everything to be tied up neatly with a pretty bow, as if we have a compulsive need to order and control everything around us. The impact of this is that we’re always trying to comprehend how to position ourselves and how to be. When we’re outsiders trying to get into a contradictory world that refuses to meet our desires, we start to feel existentially anxious. We might start asking big questions like “Who am I?” Far from being a disaster or something to fear, this is the start of radically mindful inquiry which calls for courage and earnest questioning. To be earnest, we have to be radically authentic, flexible, open, and honest.


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