Nowhere Diner: Finding Love by T. A. Chase

Nowhere Diner: Finding Love by T. A. Chase

Author:T. A. Chase [Chase, T. A.]
Format: epub
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC
Published: 2010-01-05T18:11:29+00:00

Chapter 14

* * *

At the hospital the next day, Bernie and I introduced ourselves to the day shift nurses as we made our way to Uncle Bill's room. I knocked and waited until Aunt Judy called out before we entered. Exhaustion lined her face and she seemed so fragile when I hugged her. I wished there was something I could do for her.

"Good morning, Uncle Bill." I leaned down and kissed his cool cheek.

"'Morning, Timothy." He nodded at Bernie. "Bernard."

"Mr. Gapin, how are you doing this morning?" Bernie touched my uncle's hand with his fingers.

"I'm still alive." His brown eyes sparkled with humor.

"That always makes the day start out right." Bernie grinned.

We laughed, and I was glad to see Uncle Bill up to joking around. I started to help Aunt Judy get seated again.

"Wait." Uncle Bill gestured at Bernie. "Why don't you take Judy to get some coffee, Bernard? I want to talk to Timothy privately for a moment."

"But, William," Aunt Judy protested.

"Certainly, Mr. Gapin." He steered her toward the door. "I'll bring you back a cup, Tim."


I sat once the door shut behind them and met Uncle Bill's gaze. "What did you want to talk about?"

"Your aunt and I are selling the farm."

"What?" I leaned forward, surprise raising my voice. "You can't do that. I'll come back and help out."

He reached out and I put my hand in his. "No. We were discussing selling the farm before I ever got sick. I'm just too old to run it anymore and, to be honest, it was too much even while you were here."

I gripped his hand, trying not to squeeze too hard. "Why didn't you say anything to me?"

"You wouldn't have left if we said something to you."

"Damn right, I wouldn't have. You took me in when my parents died, and I owe you more than I can ever repay. If staying means you can keep your farm, I'll move back."

Uncle Bill shook his head. "We don't expect to be paid back for taking you in, Timothy. First of all, you're family and you've become our son in every way, even though Judy never gave birth to you. Second, you wouldn't have been happy staying. You might be a small town boy at heart, but not our town. Not with Aaron and Valerie married and making a life for themselves."

I hung my head, staring at our hands clasped together. "Why don't you hate me?"

"Hate you? Why would I hate you?"

Lifting my head, I met his puzzled gaze. "Because I'm gay."

He frowned. "I might not understand why, but I won't turn my back on my son because of how God made him. If I believe God created everything on Earth and that He doesn't make mistakes, then I have to accept you are the way God wants you to be."

"Not many people think like you do, Uncle Bill."

"Too many people are caught up in the hate and fear that being different creates. They aren't willing to see the things we all have in common.


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