R. L. LaFevers by Theodosia;the Eyes of Horus

R. L. LaFevers by Theodosia;the Eyes of Horus

Author:Theodosia;the Eyes of Horus
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Tags: Legends, Children: Grades 4-6, Fiction, Myths, Adventure stories (Children's, Middle East, Siblings, Magic, Historical - Europe, Europe, Fables, Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance, Science Fiction, YA), Ages 9-12 Fiction, Children's Fiction, Social Issues, Girls & Women, Adventure and adventurers, Juvenile Fiction, Exploration & Discovery, Mysteries & Detective Stories, Museums, Fantasy & Magic, Historical, People & Places, Action & Adventure - General, Action & Adventure, Family, Norse, Children's Books, General, Fantasy, Fantasy & magical realism (Children's, Ancient Civilizations
ISBN: 9780547225920
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Books for Children
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but was so distracted by Sopcoate's unexpected appearance and demands that I'd forgotten.

I made my way down the hall to Stilton's office, surprised to find the door closed. I raised my fist to knock but was stopped by the sound of voices. Who could Stilton be talking to? Everyone else was in the foyer.

"You aren't supposed to be here." I couldn't tell if that was panic or outrage I heard in Stilton's voice.

"You've been ignoring the grand master's summons for days, ever since you missed the meeting Saturday night."

I knew that voice. It belonged to Basil Whiting, Aloysius Trawley's second in command. And why hadn't Stilton warned me that he would be skipping a Black Sun meeting? I had no desire to draw even more of Trawley's ire.

"I haven't been ignoring anybody," Stilton said. "We've been up to our ears in work around here, trying to get ready for the new exhibit. I can't get away without raising suspicion."

"Have you forgotten that you swore an oath of loyalty?"

"N-no. Of c-course not!"

"Loyalty to the grand master comes before even your job," Whiting said.

"Then how does he expect me to eat or put a roof over my head?" Definitely outraged, this time.


"Such mundane matters are not his concern," Whiting said.

Stilton started to speak, but Trawley's second in command talked over him. "No more excuses. The grand master says you need to choose."


"Yes, choose whom you will serve--him or the girl. And be sure you choose right, or you'll think the Trial of Nephthys was a walk in the park. Master says this is your last warning."

With a start, I realized the conversation was over. The floor creaked as Whiting headed for the door. In an instant, I leaped back to the wall and slipped behind the suit of armor there.

Whiting came out of Stilton's office, checked the corridor, then hurried toward the back entrance. This was a most disturbing development. Clearly, any pretense of cooperation was being cast aside, and it was now open war. The only question now was, Whom would Stilton choose?


My heart was still pounding as I slipped out from behind the armor. I needed to talk to Stilton and-- "There you are!"


I whirled around to find Fagenbush glaring at me. "Come into my office," he ordered.

I glanced around to be sure no one would see us, then reluctantly followed him inside. I'd never been invited into his office before, and I wasn't sure I cared much for it. I was surprised to find it much neater than Father's or Stilton's, but it most definitely felt like enemy territory. I held myself stiffly and waited.

After he closed the door, the smell of ox dung became overwhelming. "How do I remove it?" he growled at me.

"Try scraping your boots on the grass--"

"Do not pretend this isn't your doing."

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

He ground his teeth and clenched his hands, but changed the subject. "You went to visit Wigmere yesterday."

As it wasn't a question, I didn't bother to answer.


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