Settling The Score by Eden Winters

Settling The Score by Eden Winters

Author:Eden Winters [Winters, Eden]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2011-05-18T17:09:05+00:00


Joey loved Erica, he truly did, and knew she had the best of intentions. He also fully understood the reasons behind the new hairstyle and clothes, and he swallowed his pride long enough to accept Troy's generosity. But the dragging him around to be gawked at tore up his nerves. Erica seemed to be putting extra effort into making sure Troy got an eyeful, too.

Joey was growing more comfortable in his boss's presence, but if his ass got ogled one more time by a total stranger, he'd scream. One eye-locking moment later, all the anger and frustration faded away. Troy Steele, the most unmoving man he'd ever met, stared with a fascination Joey'd only seen once before when he brought in a letter from a publishing company. Troy had grabbed the envelope and shouted, "Cha-ching!"

Erica's fashion sense helped Troy, too, and despite cheating on his diet, no belly bulge pushed out his shirts anymore. Somewhere along the line over the past few weeks, he'd gone from frumpy and old to distinguished-looking. He also paid a lot of attention to Joey, maybe even more than to that royalty check.

Yes, Joey dearly loved Erica, but he would give anything if she suddenly remembered an errand, allowing him some time alone with Troy. He didn't know what he would do with that time, only that he wanted it very, very badly.

Settling the Score - 154

With spooky timing, she announced, "Look, I have to head back into Atlanta. I'm meeting St... errr... Cher for dinner. Let's get you boys checked into the hotel."

"You're telling me now that you intend to abandon us without a car?" Troy barked. Surely he wasn't really worried about a car, was he? Hadn't he noticed the Avis sign right next door? Hmmm... He didn't really look angry; actually he appeared... relieved?

"It's just for tonight, and the hotel restaurant is excellent. You'll be fine!" Erica patted Troy's arm like a mother reassuring a small child.

Joey hadn't known Erica long, but during their short acquaintance he'd come to realize that she always planned everything; nothing happened by accident with her. That meant she'd arranged the evening alone with Troy, even if the dinner date with Steve might be a spur of the moment decision or made up entirely.

Damping down his eagerness, Joey said, "Yeah, we're big boys; we'll be all right." He pronounced "all right" as

"aight," the southern way, cutting eyes to Troy in apology. He tried hard not to sound hick, but couldn't easily break the habits of a lifetime. Troy didn't seem to notice. "Tell Cher thanks again, and to say hey to his sister Lisa and kids."

"Will do," Erica replied, bussing Joey's cheek.

Spying the bright red lip print on Troy's chin, Joey figured he now needed to scrape off a sticky mess.

He'd hoped to share a room with Troy at the hotel and was disappointed to find three rooms reserved, before realizing that it'd be wrong to try to seduce his boss.

If Troy were indeed straight, his not-so-subtle touches implied he might at least be open to suggestion.


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