The Economist Aug 29th 2015 by The Economist

The Economist Aug 29th 2015 by The Economist

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In charts: Terror in western Europe

The foiled train attack also raises fresh questions about Schengen. Charles Michel, the Belgian prime minister, says the rules should undergo “adaptation”. Spanish intelligence services had tipped off their French counterparts about Mr El Khazzani’s suspected Islamist links, and the French had put him on a watch list. Nonetheless, he was able with his Spanish residency card to travel to a number of Schengen member countries, including in and out of France, without detection.

The European Commission insists that Schengen’s rules are “not negotiable”, although there remains some margin for improved policing and random checks while leaving internal borders open. “It’s an illusion to imagine that we can inspect everything,” says Jean-Charles Brisard, a French counter-terrorism consultant. “The real focus has to be on prevention and intelligence.” France has already boosted its intelligence budget and tightened counter-terrorism laws. But co-operation within Europe remains uneven. European plans to share passenger records, for instance, urged by many after the Paris terrorist attacks, are still under negotiation. The problem is that terrorists adapt faster than the rules that are meant to thwart them.


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