Welcome to the Jungle by Hilary Smith

Welcome to the Jungle by Hilary Smith

Author:Hilary Smith
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781609251635
Publisher: Red Wheel Weiser Conari

Blood-Sugar Regulators

oatmeal (the old-fashioned kind, not the kind loaded with sugar)

sweet potatoes

brown rice

Serotonin Boosters



cottage cheese






When you're manic or depressed, regular meals can be the first thing to fly out the window (right before your shoes, pet cactus, and roommate's bowling trophy). When I'm depressed, I often forget to eat and am always startled at how much better I feel when I finally do eat—so now I really try to monitor myself. Even when you're not manic or depressed, you can really do yourself a favor by eating several small meals spaced four to five hours apart. This keeps your blood sugar stable throughout the day, and also gives you something to look forward to every few hours. If several small meals are too much bother, stick to three meals a day, but try to eat them at the same time every day. Little routines like this are king for keeping yourself on track. Think back to Bob's Taco Shack. Bob wants his tacos delivered on time. As the manager of your own personal Taco Shack of the mind, you'd better deliver the goods to yourself on a consistent basis to keep things running smoothly.


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