A Hellhound's Haven [Kensington Falls] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) by Indiah Winter

A Hellhound's Haven [Kensington Falls] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) by Indiah Winter

Author:Indiah Winter
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
Tags: Romance
Published: 2014-09-25T04:00:00+00:00

Chapter Six

Haven woke and stretched out languidly. Staring up at the ceiling, he saw his light had been left on. Lying there, his mind slowly revved up and everything suddenly came crashing back to him.

Body jackknifing off the bed, he landed on the floor with a yelp.

Climbing back up, he looked around embarrassed till he noticed no one but him inhabited the room.

Haven’s pulse picked up till he figured his mate had probably gone down to get something to eat.

After taking a shower, he dressed and headed down to the kitchen. Even though dinnertime neared for the Pacific coast, the room sat unsurprisingly empty. By this time in the evening, residents of the bar were either working or enjoying their night off.

Spotting only Irun, Haven hesitated to question the hellhound.

Irun stood in the corner with his back to the wall eating a steak. Stepping up, Haven managed to say, “Hey, Irun. Have you seen a new hound come through here named Jeremy?”

Irun didn’t even look up. “No, I haven’t seen your viscer.”

Frowning, Haven said his thanks and backed out of the room careful with his posture. The volatile Irun kept to himself most of the time, but if someone happened to upset him, that person better like his ass for a hat.

Once in the hall, Haven walked out into the human bar where he’d find the usual suspects.

Walking over to the pool tables, he cornered Otho and asked, “Hey, dad, have you seen Jeremy?”

Otho set down his drink in the middle of the table next to the one he played at, interrupting that table’s game, and smiled brightly at him. “Hello, son! Where’s Jeremy?”

Frowning, Haven figured his dad had gotten into the hard stuff. Looking around for someone a little more reliable, Haven spotted Salem standing next to Grail, another patron saint.

Grail, the Grim Reaper—forefather of soul Reapers—sat in the VP chair in Haven’s Uncle Axe’s batshit crazy club. Mostly for the reason that he dressed in cosplay and would wear a real sword on his hip to cut off the fingers of anyone who bothered him or his partner in crime, Salem. Today Grail had donned the look of the main character Train from the manga Black Cat. Grail had even completed the look with a tattoo of the Roman numerals “XIII” above his heart. And seeing the rings on Grail’s shirt had the stupid donut popping back into his head. No!

Walking up to the two, Haven didn’t even get the chance to speak before Salem said, “Go talk to Lyzol. He’s in the gym.”

Not going against Salem, Haven headed back the way he came and headed down another hall heading straight into Thaddeus and Barnaby who were guarding the way to the supernatural side of the bar. Both were vampires, Thad being Ezik’s little brother.

Eyeing the svelte Thad, Haven could tell something troubled the male.

Stopping, Haven looked up at the vampire and asked, “Are you all right, Thaddeus?”

Thad’s features were pinched, but he answered with a genuine smile, “I’m fine, Haven.


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