A Mindful Day by David Dillard-Wright

A Mindful Day by David Dillard-Wright

Author:David Dillard-Wright
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Adams Media

Those Who Have Gone Before

I hold close those who have inspired me in the past, and I do not let their memories die. I hold close their counsel, and my life is enriched.

I think about my grandparents in difficult times. They are all dead now, but I keep their memories alive. I talk to them in the kitchen or on the front porch, in the places that they frequented. I picture my grandfather’s blue coveralls, his tins of Prince Albert tobacco. I picture my grandmother with her silver hair, her large Bible. They appear in my dreams from time to time, to give me advice. No one ever told me that I should seek their help or how this should be done: it is just something that came naturally.

Because everything in the universe is interrelated, the effects of everything that has ever been continue to this day. As you close your eyes in this sacred space, you may consult those who have gone before. You don’t have to visit a cemetery or hold a séance. All you need to do is imagine them vividly and then start asking questions. Just remember that they are real people, and don’t be disrespectful.


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