Abe Saperstein and the American Basketball League, 1960-1963 by Murry R. Nelson

Abe Saperstein and the American Basketball League, 1960-1963 by Murry R. Nelson

Author:Murry R. Nelson
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: McFarland
Published: 2013-03-28T16:00:00+00:00

The Packers

The NBA decided to expand in 1959, and the obvious place, it seemed, was the largest city in the country without an NBA franchise, Chicago. There were a number of Chicago groups that put forth bids for the new franchise. “Group after group was screened for the Selection committee and after thorough investigation and sifting of qualifications an organization headed by insurance company executive David Trager was awarded the franchise, but only after 15 months of negotiations.”9

Dave Trager was a longtime Chicago sportsman and businessman who was president of Associated Life Insurance, a company no longer in existence, but known by some as the insurer of the Teamsters Union, then headed by Jimmy Hoffa. Trager had been involved with a number of businesses as well as promoting boxing and wrestling shows. A cigar almost always in his mouth (and not often lit), he was friendly to everyone and an inveterate talker.

Trager’s syndicate involved six other Chicago businessmen. Club vice presidents were Sam Karlov, who owned a large roofing company, and Charlie Lubin, the president of Sara Lee Kitchens, a much smaller firm than today’s conglomerate.10 The secretary was Morrie Goldman, chairman of the board of Trager’s Associated Life Insurance Company. The treasurer was Will Chulock, a certified public accountant (CPA) and partner in an independent accounting firm. The last two partners and board members were both prominent Chicago realtors, Henry Mann and Arthur Ludwig.


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