Alpha Ablaze (Waking the Dragons Book 2) by Susi Hawke & Piper Scott

Alpha Ablaze (Waking the Dragons Book 2) by Susi Hawke & Piper Scott

Author:Susi Hawke & Piper Scott [Hawke, Susi & Scott, Piper]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-02-18T18:30:00+00:00



“Come on, Sparky. I know you hate this as much as I do,” I grumped as we followed Emery and Vivian into yet another confounded store. Cory carried the princess on his hip while Brick and Sana were looking around the large mall we’d come to with wide eyes. I just wanted to be home with my mate… preferably knotted together and nesting in our bed, but definitely at home instead of inside this merchant’s paradise.

“I know, I agree,” Sam said shortly, his gaze darting around, looking out for cameras and people watching us too closely. “Unfortunately, they’re right. You guys need full wardrobes and real shoes. And, you have to admit, those racerback tanks were a find. You’ll be able to break out your wings while wearing one of those without ripping it or having to go shirtless. That’s a win right there.”

I sighed, trying to remember which shirt he meant and why its back implied racing. “I can’t believe that you are possibly enjoying this, Sparky. Here, take my hand. I want to know your thoughts.”

Sam paused in his search for danger long enough to roll his eyes at me. “You don’t need to read my thoughts—I’ll tell you for free. I hate this shit. I hate everything about it. Being in public where we can be watched, being exposed to all these germs, having to tramp through a million and one stores… yeah, I’m not a champion shopper unless I’m one-clicking my online cart. But we have to do this, at least this once. Then we’ll know your sizes and I can order online.”

I perked up at that. “You mean we won’t have to do this again? Ever? You promise?”

Sam laughed and took my hand, letting me see the truth of his words. He jerked his hand back and tilted his head slightly, then looked around surreptitiously.

“Did you hear that? That electronic buzzing? Someone is trying to record us. I told you we were being watched! I can feel their eyes on us, I swear. Let’s get everyone hurrying along, I need for us to get home soon.”

“Hey look, guys!” Cory called from a large shirt display. “I found shirts for us all to wear. We can form our own club.”

I looked over and grunted when I saw him holding up a white tee with yet another fucking unicorn on it. The words “Unicorn Guild” were printed above the ugly bastard in rainbow letters.

“No? How about this one instead?” He grinned and held up a shirt with a sickly looking dragon on it. Its wings were so small they couldn’t possibly be used for flight, and the pitiful creature honestly resembled a dragonfly more than a dragon.

What the actual fuck? They gave good unicorn depictions, but made the dragons look weird?

As if reading my mind, Sam snorted. “Don’t worry, big guy. There are good dragon shirts, too. He just held that one up to fuck with you. Don’t you know how much he loves to do that by now?”

“Good point,” I laughed.


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