Beginning Your Love Revolution by Matt Kahn

Beginning Your Love Revolution by Matt Kahn

Author:Matt Kahn
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Publisher: Sounds True
Published: 2016-10-31T23:00:00+00:00


As you become more receptive to your feelings than ever before, it is normal to wonder if you are worthy of receiving this much focused time and attention. Perhaps you’re not feeling the love or it seems inauthentic to say “I love you” so often. Maybe you are accustomed only to hearing words of praise as a sign that you’ve done something right. It’s natural not to know how to let encouragement in if it has been given only as a reward for good behavior. It is also understandable to push away love when it is associated with those who have hurt you.

Even if the words “I love you” have been offered by those who betrayed, hurt, abused, or abandoned you, it is imperative for you to embrace your own innocence as a way of recognizing that attention doesn’t have to lead to pain, manipulation, or rejection.

With the utmost respect for every tragedy and insufferable environment, each of us has been given the power to survive; may every step forward guide you out of the ashes of a painful past to make peace with love even if you’re unwilling to forgive those who have hurt you. Whether hurt, heartbroken, or hopeful, it is not uncommon for loving yourself to seem like such a new experience that your subconscious mind has no reference point for it.

The subconscious mind is comprised of two basic categories: the “familiar” and the “foreign.” If, in your early history, self-love was a rare occurrence, these newer, heart-centered experiences become filed in the foreign category. As you begin to love your heart, any lack of authenticity or resonance is simply your subconscious mind’s way of saying, “You haven’t done this before.” Since you may not have taken the time to cherish yourself on a regular basis, you are starting your own love revolution to change the way your subconscious mind responds to being the center of attention.

Every time you send love to your heart, it gets subconsciously recorded as a vote of familiarity. Even just one “I love you” acts as a precedence-setting moment once you are able to honor yourself unlike any other time in the past.

As “I love you” becomes one of the most popular phrases you either say to yourself or send as a blessing to others, your subconscious mind is rewritten to recognize love as a familiar experience.

Over time, what once fell under the category of foreign has now moved over to the category of familiar. When this shift occurs, the subconscious mind gives your body permission to resonate with love as a fully embodied experience of truth. As your subconscious mind becomes more acquainted with love, you are able to sense the validation, safety, and security that you may have thought always needed to come from others.

Each time you are able to love what arises, you are not only releasing cellular debris out of your body but unraveling judgments out of your subconscious mind. The more judgments are unraveled throughout this process, the easier your heart is able to remain open.


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