Bird Song by S L Naeole

Bird Song by S L Naeole

Author:S L Naeole [Naeole, S L]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Crystal Quill Publishing
Published: 2010-06-17T04:00:00+00:00


"How good are you with your mythology, Grace?"

The question caught me off guard. "What do you mean?"

"Well," he began, "more specifically, how well are you versed on mythological creatures?"

"That depends on what you mean by mythological. Are we talking Grecian myths, Scottish? Asian?"

The air around us turned very cold as his mood grew darker. "Have you ever wondered why so many cultures have different versions of the same type of myth? Angels, or winged people are described in various myths all across this Earth. You know the reason for that is because we exist everywhere. We're far too numerous to exist in the same area without drawing suspicions.

"The same can be said for those that we turn."

Puzzled, I frowned at his incomplete explanation. "Yes, and you said that you were going to tell me what exactly they are. Is there some kind of correlation between mythological creatures and the humans that have been turned?"

He nodded his head as the beautiful lines of his face grew harsh and hard, his mouth forming a grim line. "When the human being is turned by an angel, the change is usually very beautiful. Your body ceases to age, your illnesses, weaknesses become nonexistent. You become immortal, with a heart that beats with the rising and setting of the sun and moon, unstoppable, constant. Your skin takes on a glow, nearly imperceptible by humans, and your eyes change color, usually to the same color as the angel that has turned you because that is how the angel turns you; he passes to you some of his divinity.

"But, when an angel isn't given permission to do this and he does so against the wishes of the Seraphim, his divinity is tainted, cursed by his disobedience. This affects the human he is trying to turn in different ways."

I listened intently and watched as he stood up to pace the room, his explanation demanding he be anything but still right now.

"I asked you about how well versed you are on mythology because a great deal of mythological creatures are the results of those cursed turns."

He turned to face me, needing to see me, watch my reaction as he spoke. "Nearly four thousand years ago, a poor, but beautiful farmer woman named Varmila was turned without the permission of the Seraphim by an angel who had fallen deeply in love with her. The turning seemed to go well. There was nothing outwardly different about her until she had an affair with a human and, surprisingly, became pregnant as a result.

"It should have never happened--the turned are incapable of breeding--but still, it did, and her pregnancy went on its normal course. Soon she became sick, and her appetite for normal food waned; she began to crave the taste of raw meat.

"With each subsequent child she bore, she grew hungrier and hungrier for the taste of blood until finally she began killing her own children, even as she continued having them. By the time she gave birth to her last child,


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