Dane by Elizabeth Amber

Dane by Elizabeth Amber

Author:Elizabeth Amber [Amber, Elizabeth]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2011-02-20T22:08:52.776000+00:00

building at the top of the steps.

“Nor I,” said Pinot. “And I often pass this way.”

They d fol owed the black-caped gentlemen from Palazzo Nuovo

for several blocks, until the trio had taken the stairs up to this stately

three-story edifice. Along its facade, a series of sash windows alternated

with Corinthian pilasters crowned with carven olive branches. Something

flickered beyond one of the glass panes. A candelabrum.

“It reeks of magic,” said Eva.

She felt Pinot s head nod at her elbow. “A Council building,” he

whispered. They were stil on Capitoline, not far from their own home.

From somewhere behind them in the distance came the clink of pickaxes

and shovels working around the clock to uncover ancient mysteries in the

Forum ruins.

“I m going in,” said Eva, when a group of naiads arrived and took

the steps upward toward the building. “Go home.”

“Forget that. I m coming, too,” insisted Pinot. “This is far too good

a mystery.”

“Hurry, then, if you must, and keep up,” she said. Together, they

ascended the steps. Attaching themselves to the last party up the stairs,

they attempted to surreptitiously enter through the arched doorway with


“Halt!”A gargantuan one-eyed creature barred the threshold, just

before they made it inside. A Cyclops. Not the first Eva had met, but

certainly the largest. At his side, a three-headed guard dog sniffed at

them for a long, considering moment during which they held their breath.

Her mind raced, trying to think of a plausible excuse that might gain

them entrance. Difficult when she didn t know what this place was.

But when the dog didn t devour them, the sentry muttered,

“Cerberus finds you acceptable.”

“Wel , good. Then. . ”Eva tried to edge around him.

“However, I don t.” The Cyclops blocked her, eyeing the pair of

them like some giant, supercilious butler who d spotted vermin. “Where s

your card?”

Card? Eva and Pinot exchanged furtive glances.

“I forgot it?” Eva offered, having no idea what he was talking


The big eye narrowed. “You don t sound too certain.”

“We re friends of the three Brethren of Misericordia who entered


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