Easy Evenings by Mary Calmes

Easy Evenings by Mary Calmes

Author:Mary Calmes [Calmes, Mary]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: gay romance
ISBN: 978-1-63476-591-6
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Published: 2015-11-18T06:00:00+00:00

MIA WAS livid. She was pacing back and forth as Kitty watched her while dipping her baby carrots and broccoli florets in ranch dressing, her pretzels in yogurt, and her apple slices in peanut butter. My girl liked to dip, and I’d found it the quickest way to get food down. She also liked veggie burgers and, now, hummus. I had explained that there was no meat in my house—I was a vegetarian, and after I explained about the cows and the pigs and the goats and the baby lambs other people ate, she was fine with giving up meat since her entire life experience consisted of hamburgers, bacon, ham, and lobster. She’d been much more concerned with the status of cheese, was it or was it not a kind of meat. Her relief over finding it was not had made me laugh.

“So I called your bit—”

“Child,” I pointed out.

“—mother,” Mia finished, glancing at Kitty, who lifted both eyebrows.

Britton snorted out a laugh, leaned over, and kissed the top of Kitty’s head as he made himself and Mia avocado and Swiss cheese sandwiches. He was very comfortable moving around my kitchen, and seeing him there made my heart flutter.

“Laz!” Mia yelled.

“Sorry,” I responded quickly. “So you called who? My mother? My sister?”

“Both!” she yelled, rounding on me. “I can’t even—God, Laz, your mother… I treated her like a wife who has to reenter the workforce after being married for half her life. I was gentle and kind and… and she was… vile.”

I moved quickly and put a hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry.”

She took a breath and turned to me. “She asked if you were sick, if you were dying, if you’d caught a disease or—like that was the only way she wouldn’t get paid.”

I rubbed circles on her back as her eyes narrowed so the tears brimming in them wouldn’t overflow. Poor soft-hearted Mia, she’d never met anyone like Valerie Jessup.

“She said you were her son and you owed her and Jesus Christ, Laz, she’s just… I….”

I gave her a quick hug as the tears rolled down her cheeks. Britton brought her some tissue, and she wiped her eyes and blew her nose and got herself back together before she faced me again.

“I had to go to my mother’s and hug her, and then I had to go find Coz.”

I smiled at her.

“Because your sister—Jesus, Laz.”

“What did Veronica say?”

Mia crossed her arms, her face so sad as she tipped her head a bit to study me. “She claims to love you, but heaven forbid she comes here to meet her new niece, and when I suggested you go there—”

“Oh, no, she wouldn’t want that,” I assured Mia.

“That’s right, she wouldn’t, because she’s building a life there in New Haven, and she doesn’t want you to ever show up.”

“She’s embarrassed.”

“Yeah, I got that,” she said curtly. “Where the hell does she get off being embarrassed?”

I squinted at her. “You’re kidding, right?”

“No, I’m not kidding! How dare she look down her


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