Fantasies: Christmas by Christmas

Fantasies: Christmas by Christmas

Author:Christmas [Christmas]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2011-03-03T02:24:31.739000+00:00

After an hour-long bus ride during which James stubbornly refused to tell him where they were going, Travis had no idea what to expect. The bus driver"s announcement that they had arrived at the Polynesian Cultural Center didn"t give him much of a clue.


At the entrance, James paid their admissions and got a map. Travis tried to take the map, but James held it away from him, laughing. “Patience, grasshopper.

Don"t you like surprises?”

“Ugh, shut up.” Travis fell into step beside James. Before he had the chance to say anything else, a hot Polynesian guy dressed in traditional garb approached them.

The guy grinned. “You want to get your picture taken with us, right?” He indicated a pretty young woman, also in traditional dress.

Travis could see James was about to refuse, so he jumped in. “Oh, yeah.

That"d be awesome.”

James gave him a dirty look but allowed himself to be drawn in between the pretty girl and Travis. James even smiled at the photographer"s urging. Travis had no trouble summoning up a gleeful grin at his tiny bit of revenge.

All thoughts of revenge and annoyance fled when they stepped through a second gate into what appeared to be a small Polynesian village. For the next few hours, he felt like a wide-eyed kid as they watched people from various Polynesian islands demonstrate skills, dances, and elements of everyday life in their traditional cultures. He was especially impressed by the man who peeled and opened a coconut with a speed he wouldn"t have believed was possible.



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