Japanese for All Occasions by Anne Kaneko

Japanese for All Occasions by Anne Kaneko

Author:Anne Kaneko
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 0-8048-3599-3
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

Receiving Guests

You will need a clear policy on shoes because your Japanese guests may not know what is expected of them. If you wear shoes in your home, tell guests to treat your house like a hotel. If you have a shoes-off policy, put a couple of shoes conspicuously in the entranceway and line up house slippers before the guests arrive.

These phrases will help you make the visit go smoothly.

• O-machi shite imashita. Dōzo.

We’ve been expecting you. Please come in.

• Dōzo, o-agari kudasai.

Please come in. (lit., Please come up.)

• lrasshai!

Welcome! (used especially for unexpected guests)

• Kutsu no mama, dōzo.

Please keep your shoes on.

• Dōzo kochira e.

Please come this way.

• Chotto o-machi kudasai. Kohii o motte kimasu kara.

Just a moment. I’ll get some coffee.

• O-cha, dōzo.

Please have some tea./Please go ahead and drink your tea.

• Jibun de tsukutte mitan’ desu keredo, yoroshikattara kukkii, dōzo. Please try a cookie. I made them myself.

• Dōzo, tabako wa go-enryo kudasai. Arerugii taishitsu desu kara. Please don’t smoke because I’ll get an allergic reaction to it.

• Michi wa sugu wakarimashita ka?

Did you easily find your way?


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