King of Hearts by G. Wayne Miller

King of Hearts by G. Wayne Miller

Author:G. Wayne Miller [Miller, G. Wayne]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 978-0-307-55724-7
Publisher: Crown/Archetype
Published: 2000-07-11T16:00:00+00:00

Lillehei’s colleagues in Atlantic City had reached no consensus on cross-circulation. At least one other surgeon had now tried the technique on a person, without success; some surgeons remained enticed, while others had turned disdainful. Hearing of Lillehei’s many losses, more than one doctor had decided Lillehei was unethical; morphine for the pain was better for a dying, heart-crippled child than surgery that seemed an immediate death sentence, asserted one internist. Cardiologist Helen Taussig, of blue-baby-operation fame, also condemned Lillehei. Learning of his one success with tetralogy of Fallot, Taussig said, Too bad, now he’ll continue.

Many doctors figured it best to wait until a heart-lung machine was perfected, if one ever was. They shared Gibbon’s concern about the potential for 200 percent mortality. True, Lillehei had not lost a donor, but rumor had it that a young woman had sustained severe brain damage.

Lillehei was finishing his Atlantic City presentation when someone from the back of the audience called out: Admit that you have a vegetable in the hospital!

The heckler did not know her name, but he was referring to Geraldine Thompson.


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