Protest by James M. Jasper

Protest by James M. Jasper

Author:James M. Jasper
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Wiley

Rickie was not the central character in My So-Called Life, but he was a complex and sympathetic friend. Credit: Disney © Mark Selinger/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

An emotional state of shock gets people’s attention. It can paralyze them, or it can develop into anger and indignation and propel them to action. A number of scholars have shown that moral shocks help recruit new people to movements, giving them a sense of urgency (Warren 2010). Activists try to generate moral transformations through their own propaganda, offering alarming images of suffering or stories of cruelty and oppression. But on occasion the vicissitudes of life itself push people into outraged action without much activist intervention. The unnecessary death of a loved one, whether from AIDS or drunk driving, is an especially strong prod to action.


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