Real Food Real Kitchens by Chapman Craig

Real Food Real Kitchens by Chapman Craig

Author:Chapman, Craig
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Published: 2015-10-12T16:00:00+00:00

Since food was prominent in Grace’s life on a daily basis, her memories of food as a child weren’t so much a general feeling but more specific moments in time. “It’s hard to pick just one. My mother used to make stir-fried crab for my birthday (instead of cake). I remember her trying to melt the wax on the bottom of the candle so it would stick to the crab’s shell.”

Grace’s philosophies on food range from social interaction to something more spiritual. “I always think of eating as one of those necessary activities people can share. I have to do other things like sleep and use the bathroom, but sharing those activities doesn’t sound quite so appealing to me. Not too long ago, I was struck with the realization that the Eucharist was food, and I couldn’t get over it for weeks. Maybe food is something more than just physical nourishment or a vehicle for social interaction. My favorite forms of meal sharing are the ones that are highly communal. Hot pot, table grilling, shabu shabu, mookata, fondue. . . . The food is served in such a way that emphasizes cooperation and togetherness. It’s also nice to have your guests cooking the food for a change.”

The great thing about Grace is how she takes these philosophies and, in turn, views food as art in a simplistic way. “There’s a lot of creativity in the world. Museums house works of art. Dance and music are performed everywhere. I think it makes sense to pass down the memory of tastes, sounds, and textures in the form of recipes because they carry a valuable record of human experience that speak to us in a way that are distinct from other forms of expression.” Amazing!


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