Seasons of Love by Bonnie Dee

Seasons of Love by Bonnie Dee

Author:Bonnie Dee [Bonnie Dee]
Format: epub
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Published: 2010-01-07T07:36:25+00:00

Jim Stark answered, “A man.”

She replied, “Yeah, but a man who can be gentle and sweet. Like you are. And someone who doesn’t run away when you want them.”

Rachael’s head started to hurt. Joe had tried to be there for her and she had pushed him away. And he had been so gentle and sweet… She was the one who had run away. Joe had remained steadfast.

Suddenly she wanted out of the theater. She didn’t want to see how this movie ended.

Back out on the street, she walked slowly down the sidewalk and stopped to look in the dress shop window. The mannequin wore a pretty, white organdy dress with puffed sleeves and sprigs of lilacs. It wasn’t the pink dress Rachael had always imagined but it was close enough. She decided to go in and try it on.

“Can I help you?” A young woman came out from between the display racks in the back of the shop. She stopped and stared at Rachael in surprise for a second. “Is there … something you’d like to look at?”

“The dress in the window. The one with the lilacs. Do you have it in my size?”

The woman looked her up and down as if mentally measuring. “You could try an eight.”

A few minutes later Rachael stood looking at herself in the triple mirror just outside the dressing room. She turned slowly and watched the girls in the mirror do the same. The bodice of the dress hugged her breasts and rib cage and the skirt flared over her hips and ended at mid-calf. The modest scoop of the neckline was accented with lace. It displayed her collarbones and the graceful curve of her neck.

Her unbound hair framed an oval face with a strong jaw, full cheeks and wide-set hazel eyes that stared back at her. She could hardly fathom that the girl was herself. This is what people saw when they looked at her.

The radio in the shop was tuned to a pop music station and just then The Platters came on. “Only you can make this change in me. For it’s true, you are my destiny. When you hold my hand, I understand the magic that you do. You’re my dream come true. My one and only you.”

Rachael froze. A hundred memories of Joe flashed through her mind, his smile, his voice, his deep, uninhibited laugh, his flashing eyes. She didn’t know if she loved him or not—maybe it was too soon to tell, but she certainly deserved the right to find out.

She turned and approached the salesgirl at the counter. “I’ll take this dress and I’ll wear it.”

She emerged from the shop in the pretty lilac-sprigged dress and a pair of sheer nylons clutching the bag the woman had given her with her old clothes in it. She still wore her clunky, black lace-up shoes but there was no money left to do anything about that. She looked up at the courthouse clock. It was already after two.

She began to walk.


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