Sorry I Pooped in Your Shoe by Jeremy Greenberg

Sorry I Pooped in Your Shoe by Jeremy Greenberg

Author:Jeremy Greenberg [Greenberg, Jeremy]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 978-1-4494-1399-6
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing LLC
Published: 2011-07-11T16:00:00+00:00

Dear Pack Leader Dearest,

I’m sorry I didn’t make Prima Doggie Ballerina, Mama. I’ll try harder, I promise. I know that you had a bright future as a dancer until you decided to settle down and adopt puppies. You gave it all up for me, and one day I’ll get that lead in the Pupcracker and make you so proud. I don’t wanna go to the park like the other puppies my age. I have an opportunity to be something, just like you used to. I’ll work extra hard to balance on my hind legs when you hold a piece of hot dog above my nose. It’s the least I can do for your getting me this beautiful tutu.




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