Stalker by Lisa Stone

Stalker by Lisa Stone

Author:Lisa Stone
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9780008236731
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Published: 2018-05-09T04:00:00+00:00

Chapter Twenty-Four

‘Flint has put in a complaint,’ Matt said as Beth returned to her desk. ‘The boss wants to see us at two o’clock sharp. We’d better have a good story ready.’

‘About what?’ Beth said absently, logging into her computer.

Matt looked at her over the top of his screen. ‘About why we searched Derek Flint’s house without a warrant, of course. Did everything go OK with Hanks?’

‘Yes. We didn’t search Flint’s house.’ She kept her gaze on her screen, scrolling to try to find what she needed. ‘We were invited in by his mother.’

‘That’s what I told boss lady. But she wants to know why we were there in the first place.’

Beth nodded, her thoughts elsewhere.

‘You’re taking this very well.’


Matt stood with a sigh and slipped on his jacket. ‘I’m going out now but I’ll be back well before two o’clock. Let me know what our excuse is going to be, preferably before we go in to see the boss.’

‘Yes, see you later,’ she said absently.

Beth had found the file she’d been looking for and was now examining the CCTV footage downloaded from the Khumalos’ house, a copy of which he’d sent to them. The figure in black moving effortlessly down the garden, across the patio, then up the drainpipe and in through the back bedroom window. No hesitation or looking around as if he knew the layout of the house and gardens very well. Then reappearing and leaving by the same route, out through the gate at the rear and across the paddock where the Khumalos’ daughter kept her pony. Beth ran through the recording again, then picked up the phone and keyed in Mr Khumalo’s mobile phone number, hoping it wouldn’t go through to his voicemail. Her heart was racing; adrenalin had kicked in. She knew this was a long shot, and it was just as well Matt wasn’t here, although she doubted she would have shared this with him yet, just in case she was wrong. But there was no point in going back to the hospital to try to interview Mrs Hanks again in her present state. If she was right, then speaking to Khumalo should help.

‘Hello, Khumalo speaking,’ he said answering.

Good, she thought. ‘Mr Khumalo, it’s DC Beth Mayes.’

‘Hello. Positive news? I trust you’re phoning to say you’ve caught the person or persons responsible?’

‘No, not yet, I’m afraid. But I do need to ask you something in connection with the enquiry. Have you got a moment now?’

‘Yes, go ahead, although I’ve told you all I know. I’m sure it’s not someone known to me, and my wife gave you the list of trades people who’d visited the house.’

‘Yes, thank you, we have that. This is about the message that was sent from the security firm to your phone on the night of the incident, alerting you to the possibility that you had been broken into. Do you still have that message?’

‘No, I erased it a while back.’ Drat! They should have asked for a copy at the time, Beth thought, but there hadn’t been a reason then.


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