The CS Detective by Jeremy Kubica

The CS Detective by Jeremy Kubica

Author:Jeremy Kubica
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: No Starch Press, Inc.
Published: 2016-07-11T16:00:00+00:00

“We started off searching for an island with coffee. I was still green in those days and hadn’t heard of iterative deepening, so I boldly suggested a depth-first search. The captain just laughed and told me she’d never trust a depth-first search in the Razor Ridges—too many long dead ends.

“Well. She gridded off the sea into one-mile-square chunks. One mile was about as far as you could see through the fog, so we would need to be in the same grid square as the supply station to see it. Then we set about exploring with iterative deepening. We used a depth-first search, but limited it to a single one-cell step. We used a classic north, east, south, west ordering, backtracking to the starting location each time. We didn’t find anything in this first step, but at least we were efficient about it. Within a few hours, we had eliminated all neighboring grid squares.


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