The Most Loved of All by Tinnean

The Most Loved of All by Tinnean

Author:Tinnean [Tinnean]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Published: 2018-03-14T04:00:00+00:00

Chapter 18

Mrs Johnson had waited up for us, not that it was very late. “If you’ll wait in the library, I’ll bring you a nice pot of tea and some biscuits.”

“Thank you, Mrs Johnson,” Tommy said.

We’d been silent on the drive home in the cab, and although I was relieved to have an excuse not to go to bed just yet—the motion picture hadn’t shown any gore, but the suspense had been nerve-wracking—I couldn’t face my friend. Neither of us had said anything about it, but when I’d been on Tommy’s lap, the unmistakeable ridge of his arousal had prodded my arse.

“Nothing for me, thank you, Mrs Johnson. I…uh…think I’ll go up to bed now. I had a lovely time tonight, Thomas. Thank you.” I offered a weak smile, escaped from the foyer, and hurried up the stairs.

After a piss and a quick wash, I wrapped myself in the dressing gown Tommy had lent me and returned to my bedroom—I was not wearing the nightshirt I’d used to handle the pearls. I sat on the bed and dropped my head to my hands. I had to stop being a baby about this. I knew what Tommy wanted from me, and I thought I wanted that as well, but Charlie was the only man I had ever had relations with. He had known and liked me from the time I was a young boy, and had grown to love me as a young man. I had learned over our years together what he liked and how to please him, just as he had learned what caused me to melt in his arms.

I dragged my tongue over my lips to moisten them. What would making love with Tommy be like? I wasn’t certain I could let another man have my body, even a man I…I liked as much as Tommy, but I was determined to picture in my mind what he could do to me.

I imagined his shaft in my hands. I imagined myself on my knees before him, taking his prick deep into my mouth while I stroked his thighs and his arse. I imagined myself on my hands and knees, and Tommy buried deep in my arse. And because he mentioned what his regimental sergeant major had done to him, I imagined myself returning the favour and warming his backside with the flat of my hand. It had become calloused after years of work, and I could paddle him quite hard.

Aroused by that thought, I stripped off the dressing gown and draped it over a chair, then got into bed and made sure I had my scrap of blue blanket with me. I would have need of it this night.

* * * *

Only as it turned out, I didn’t. Two hours later, I lay on the bed, frustrated. Although I had fisted myself to the point of discomfort, I had been unable to achieve an orgasm. Sleep tugged at my eyes, but again I knew it would be illusive, since Tommy wouldn’t be in my bed.


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