The Omega's Secret Pregnancy (Men of Meadowfall Book 1) by Anna Wineheart

The Omega's Secret Pregnancy (Men of Meadowfall Book 1) by Anna Wineheart

Author:Anna Wineheart [Wineheart, Anna]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2017-06-25T16:00:00+00:00



The rack of baby clothes blurs. Felix buries his face in his hands, tears smearing over his palms.

Kade’s eyes had burned with fury and betrayal. Then he had turned, walked out of the store, and Felix doesn’t deserve to be here at all. He’s hurt his alpha. Lied to him. Betrayed him.

Felix sinks to a crouch, trying to breathe, but he’s sobbing and he can’t stop it, can’t stop the sudden chill in his limbs. Kade hates me now. He shouldn’t have found out. I shouldn’t have been here.

He bites hard on his lip, choking, and his nails dig into his skin. He shouldn’t even be in Meadowfall at all.

I freed him of the responsibility. He won’t be tied down by a child now. Felix holds his limbs still, trying not to shake, but the thought of Kade leaving breaks something in his chest. Kade has never abandoned him, and it hurts like the ripping of a jagged knife. Felix sobs, hating the pregnancy, hating his hormones, hating himself.

It’ll just be you and me when we leave, he thinks to the unborn child. Kade won’t find us. He won’t be disappointed. I don’t think he’ll come looking if he doesn’t want us.

As he struggles to breathe, a gentle hand rests on his back.

“Oh, Felix,” Taylor whispers, hugging him close. “What did you do?”

Felix shakes his head. He doesn’t have an answer. The truth will turn Kade against him, anyway. If he leaves now, Kade won’t learn about the bankruptcy, about his father dying because of Felix, and maybe he’ll be happier for it.

Taylor tugs on his elbow, but he doesn’t budge. He feels his brother settling down next to him, draping one arm over his shoulders. Felix ducks his head, afraid to even look up. He doesn’t want to see any pitiful stares or curious looks.

“Doesn’t he want it?” Taylor asks some minutes later, stroking his back. “I thought...”

“I told him it isn’t his,” Felix says, his voice ragged.

Taylor’s fingers still against his back, and he groans. “Felix, you idiot.”

But Felix has always been an idiot, hasn’t he? He curls up against his brother, thinking about all the reasons why Kade would leave, why Kade should leave.

He curls into himself, breaking, and Taylor’s embrace brings him no comfort at all.


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