The Quantum Labyrinth by Paul Halpern

The Quantum Labyrinth by Paul Halpern

Author:Paul Halpern
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Basic Books
Published: 2017-10-17T04:00:00+00:00


Bryce DeWitt had come to the IAS from Harvard, where he was completing his PhD under Schwinger. There, he had been trying unsuccessfully to bring gravitation under the umbrella of quantum theory using methods akin to quantum electrodynamics. He called his concept “quantum gravidynamics.”

Schwinger had brought DeWitt’s attention to prior attempts to quantize gravitation by other physicists such as Leon Rosenfeld. In particular, Rosenfeld had tried to calculate the gravitational self-energy of a photon and found it to be infinite. Schwinger approved DeWitt’s thesis topic with the hope that his newfound renormalization techniques would banish such infinities. After their initial meeting, though, and a few more brief discussions, Schwinger did not spend much time with DeWitt, preferring to focus on his own projects. As DeWitt recalled his experience with Schwinger,


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