Tying the Knot (Thalia Book 4) (The Thalia Series) by Jennifer Bene

Tying the Knot (Thalia Book 4) (The Thalia Series) by Jennifer Bene

Author:Jennifer Bene [Bene, Jennifer]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2017-07-08T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter Seven

“Stay here,” James commanded before he moved into the hotel room, holding the door wide for the man to push the luggage cart inside.

Thalia leaned against the wall in the hallway as she’d been told, her thighs pressed together in anticipation of what he had planned. He’d whispered so many dark promises against her ear on the drive over while plucking pieces of confetti from her hair and dress. Each brush of his fingers had been torture, and she’d pled in a hushed voice for him to touch her, or to let her touch him.

Which, of course, had caused him to stop completely. Smiling beside her in the car as he intertwined their fingers, putting a full stop to any plans for fun on the drive over.

Now, the steady beat of her pulse between her legs was growing worse as she thought of his hands on her earlier in the day. Those stinging spanks, the plug, the way he’d moved against her bent over the table, the way he’d teased her on the dance floor.


He had wound her up on purpose, and there was nothing she could do about the wetness soaking into her lace panties in the fucking hallway of this five-star hotel at Heathrow airport.

Thalia was mercifully distracted from her condition as the man wheeled the empty cart out of their room, accepting a tip from James before he moved towards the elevator. Without another word James swept her up into his arms, and she gasped.

“You’re such a good girl,” he purred as he nuzzled against the side of her head, and she melted as he hugged her tighter to his chest.

“What on earth are you doing?” She laughed, holding onto him as he nudged the door open ahead of them.

“Carrying you over the threshold,” James answered, stepping into the room with a wicked grin, but he didn’t let her down until he’d carried her through the living room of the suite and into the bedroom. Slowly, he slid her down his front, allowing her heels to meet the floor beside the bed, but his hands stayed firmly planted on her backside. “I want you naked and on this bed in ten minutes. Understand?”

“Yes, Master,” Thalia replied, grinning, and then he pinched her ass. Even hotter than the first day she’d met him, the black of the tux made his blond hair stand out, his broad shoulders filling out the jacket in a way that made her mouth water. When he released her, he walked out of the bedroom, closing the door without another word.

Oh my God, it’s my wedding night.

The thought hit her hard as she stood in the beautiful bedroom. Even though she was definitely not a virgin, the importance of the night still settled over her, a thrill rushing through her veins on the heels of it. Giddy, a whirlwind of butterflies swirled in her stomach as her thoughts spun. What did he have planned? What had he brought from their playroom at home?


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