Unqualified by Anna Faris & Chris Pratt

Unqualified by Anna Faris & Chris Pratt

Author:Anna Faris & Chris Pratt
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Published: 2017-10-24T04:00:00+00:00

Just Friends: A Conversation Between a Man and a Woman Who’ve Been Pals for Fifteen Years and Haven’t Slept Together

My podcast partner, Sim Sarna, is more than just a producer and the willing recipient of a constant barrage of “fuck you, Sim.” He’s also a longtime friend. We go back over a decade, and it’s always been platonic. Here’s our take on how that’s possible.

Anna: Any conversation about our friendship has to start by addressing your bowel problems on our first couples’ vacation.

Sim: Yes, that’s true. And your advice to me was, “Next time you go on any vacation with a group of people, eat a bunch of Pepto or Imodium before you go.” You said, “Stock up on those and you’ll be fine. Your body will be backed up and feel awful for a week, but you won’t have the runs.”

Anna: That’s how you know you’ve reached the pinnacle of friendship, when you can have that conversation. But for us—and correct me if I’m wrong—but for us to get to that point took time. We’ve known each other for years, so now the flaws we see in each other—shit-related or otherwise—have just become part of the package.

Sim: Well, here’s the thing, Anna. You and I are very similar people, so we can handle the flaws we see in each other because they are the same ones we see in ourselves.

Anna: Yes, that’s true. Is that why we hit it off so quickly? Maybe this is where we get into slightly dangerous territory, and I don’t know if you remember it the same way I do, but even though I was in a relationship when we met, I remember being completely drawn to you. Not necessarily in a supersexual way, but I remember thinking, Oh, he’s handsome, he’s interesting. I think over time we really have developed a rare thing in that we are both straight and have a really healthy friendship that hasn’t revolved around anything sexual. And for that to stay intact for more than fifteen years, that’s a really long time anywhere, but especially in Hollywood.

Sim: Completely rare. It doesn’t happen! When I first met you, I remember thinking, Oh my God, she’s so sweet and so funny. And very attractive, obviously, but you were dating Ben at the time. I was drawn to you, though, because no one had ever made me laugh that hard. You were so funny.

Anna: Really? Go on.

Sim: Not only were you funny, but you were self-deprecating and you were . . . you were you! Everyone wanted to be around you, and I did, too. I thought you were incredible.

Anna: It’s so true. I am. But seriously, I found your intelligence and wit so refreshing. I instantly liked you better than all the other new people I was meeting. At the time I was new to LA and you were one of my very first friends. I was still compiling a social network, and I think we had a little bit of a kismet thing that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.


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