Whatever Arises, Love That by Matt Kahn

Whatever Arises, Love That by Matt Kahn

Author:Matt Kahn
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Publisher: Sounds True
Published: 2016-01-04T19:00:00+00:00

Spiritual Codependency

It can be normal for energetically sensitive souls to linger in outdated relationships in an attempt to help others process the pain of loss. No matter how attached you are to another person or how deeply that person clings to you, such a dynamic only invites more toxicity until you are able to walk away and make time for the innocence that calls out for your attention.

No matter the time or energy invested in any relationship, the law of polarity allows you to hold sacred space for the healing of any heart without getting lost in spiritual codependency. This frees you from the tendency to stall your own evolution by waiting for others to be okay with the choices that may only feel right for you. Even when a choice that appears so right to you seems to hurt another, this is the humbling nature of life’s most profound healing being revealed. Despite how badly you feel for someone else’s pain, there is no reason to feel guilty when only gifts of expansion are given. Even when you don’t know how to be okay with decisions that others reject, that becomes a life-changing opportunity to follow through with your inner guidance while welcoming codependency as the next one in line to be loved.

It is vital to remember you are never turning your back on anyone; you are merely facing in the direction of your highest potential. While it may feel as if you are abandoning someone in their most dire moment of despair, you are being guided by the Universe to give proper distance, which for many people, is the only way to turn inward and discover their innocence at a greater spiritual level.

Through the law of polarity, you come to notice every single character who enters your reality is an animated flash card of personal growth. Each one helps bring this cosmic principle to life by inspiring you to do the opposite in response to those who lash out or shut down. Each of those personal encounters becomes an invitation to breathe more slowly, speak more softly, and act more graciously as a way of coming into greater harmony with the light of your divinity. This allows you to feel safe in your body, not as a result of personal circumstances, but based on how compassionately you are willing to respond to the situations at hand.

It’s as if your innocence only understands the world you see based on your responses and reactions to it. Despite how anyone around you chooses to be, the difference between perceiving a life of synchronicity versus a world of endless stress solely depends on how you speak, breathe, and move—from one moment to the next.


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