Whisper My Secret by JB Rowley

Whisper My Secret by JB Rowley

Author:JB Rowley [Rowley, JB]
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Tags: Australia, pregnant, secrets, true story, biography, women
Publisher: JB Rowley
Published: 2012-03-13T04:00:00+00:00


One day Lily asked Myrtle to join her at the Ritz to act as her chaperone.

“You’re a matron now Myrtle, so you can be my chaperone,” her cousin said with an impish grin.

“Well, just see you don’t give me any trouble,” Myrtle replied, joining in the mischievous spirit, “or I shall have you locked in your room for a week with bread and water.”

“Oohaah,” said Lily, her eyes open wide in mock fear.

“I’m not going to dance, Lily. I’m just going along to keep you company.”

When the big night arrived Lily’s flushed face and radiant smile betrayed her excitement. It was the first dance she had attended since the AIF troops had taken up camp at the show ground. Myrtle shared her excitement. She had not been for an evening out since before Audrey was born.

When they arrived the band was playing, the lights sparkled and the Ritz was full of handsome young men in uniform. Myrtle and Lily stood hesitantly just inside the door. Two soldiers approached them and Lily was soon whisked away onto the dance floor. Myrtle smiled at the second soldier who beckoned her to dance with him.

“I’m not dancing,” she said. “I’ve just come to keep my cousin company.”

The young soldier flashed a cheeky grin.

“Oh gee whiz. You don’t want this music to go to waste, do ya?”

He held out his arm to her. Myrtle hesitated. She yearned to dance, to glide out across the floor and join the other couples. But would it be right, without Henry? The music stirred memories of happy times at other dances. The young soldier waited. Finally she took his arm and allowed him to lead her onto the dance floor. She followed his lead and glided into the quickstep. How natural it felt. They swirled around the floor weaving between other couples. The mauve skirt of her dress sparkled in the light. Her partner held her firmly. Lily caught her eye and they grinned at each other. Before long another handsome young soldier had replaced the first and then another and all too soon the band was playing Auld Lang Syne. Myrtle excused herself from her last partner.

“Will you come next week?” he asked.

She offered him a shy smile, secretly thrilled at his interest in her. It had not occurred to her that men might still find her attractive. She wondered whether he had noticed her wedding band. Well it didn’t make any difference. After all, it was just a dance.

“I don’t think so.”

The young soldier made a mock sad face as he let her go. Myrtle walked over to the door and waited for Lily. Lily excused herself from a group of admiring young soldiers to join Myrtle.

“I had such fun, Myrtle. Did you?”

Lily’s eyes glowed and her cheeks were flushed.

“Oh yes Lily. I hardly ever get out these days and I haven’t been dancing for years.”

“The boys want to give us a ride home. What do you think Myrtle?”

“We should walk, Lily.”

“Yes, you’re right.”

Lily turned and waved goodbye to the waiting group.


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